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Ref cake made by Me  (Taken with instagram)

Ref cake made by Me  (Taken with instagram)

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Ito daw yung mafefeel mo na parang may butterfly sa tyan mo. A feeling of happiness that you can share your life with someone. It’s when you’re smiling without any reason. Every morning you’ll wake up you wanted to see her/his face.

Pero what if, you love him and you own him but he loves her? Paano na yan? Naiba na ang sequence ng love. Would you just give-up and give him away?

Ganun na ba sa love? Iiyak, masasaktan, kakainin ang pride, magbabago ka para di sya mawala sayo. They might say it’s not love but stupidity. But every person undergone this situation, let’s try not to be hypocrite people.

I love someone and I own him for almost 1yr and 5 months. Pero hindi mawawala sa isang buwan ang hindi ko mararamdaman na gustong gusto nya yung ibang girl na matagal na nya talaga gusto. Magulo diba? Kahit ako, nalilito. Sometimes, I just want to shout in his face how much it hurts. Pero di e, when I’m talking to him, I always connect my tongue to my brain so I would not create a regretful speech. I always think of him, how would the things will hurt him if I did something bad. Pero as days goes by, feeling ko ako nalang ang lumalaban to keep our love alive. UNFAIR kasi, we broke up na. I gave him the chance to love that girl but still after a month he chooses me. I thought everything woulb be different, he will know how to value me. Pero sa umpisa lang yun, bumalik ulit sya sa dati. Kung pwede lang sabihing ang sakit sakit na, I would. Pero kung ikaw ang nasa situation ko, you’ll find it hard. Maiiyak ka nalang. Kasi it seems that all the right words here on earth become so wrong when you would talk to him about those things that is killing you silently. Besides, he won’t bother to care and listen. Is it my fault for feeling this way? Nakakaumay na din yung issue na yan. Madami na ako rumors na naririnig about the two of them. Pero not all the things you heard could be so true. Why can love be simple? Yung di ganito ka crucial. :/

I’m afraid to end our relationship cause I might regret in the end. And nakakatrauma kasi masaktan e. Kaya siguro mas pinipili nalang na lumaban kesa sa sumuko. But sometimes, it hurts deep inside and it’s not easy to hide. I just can’t handle sometimes how much he treats me. Like he wants to manipulate everything. NAKAKAPAGOD. NAKAKAUMAY.

One day, when you look back and I didn’t got your back, I’m giving you a chance to hold her and love her. The one you really like. The one you’re really chasing in your life. Thanks for the memories that we had. Thanks for teaching me about the things that I never thought I could be. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR LIFE WITH ME.

I love you but you like her. I want you so bad but you’re wishing to hold her.


Take care and keep safe. This blog is my way to show you how much I really love you to set you free. :( :/


So today was my 10 month anniversary with my girlfriend and I decided to surprise her with a candle lit dinner in a tent in my backyard. I tricked her into thinking I was gonna take her to a fancy restaurant. She was so surprised when she saw a bigass tent in my backyard and I led her into it. My bestfriend Jayson also helped me by being our personal waiter. He was dressed and everything. He did a great job serving us bread sticks, pasta, and pouring wine. I can honestly say this is the best date I ever had or ever came up with. The best thing about the date was not only how big my girlfriends smile was the whole time but when she broke down in tears when I gave her a collage that I made her. This was the first time I’ve ever made her cry for the right reasons and that gave me the most satisfying feeling ever. So I recently just realized how much this girl meant to me. So all I gotta say is guys you should treat your girls right, make her special, and never forget to tell her how beautiful she is! I love you Lara Maria Ronquillo Cruz Tiglao <3

My fault, sometimes I forget that I’m not that special to you.

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